The Benefits Of Visiting An Online Casino

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Modern methods of gambling are forever changing our perception of this activity, and online casinos are now taking over the burden from their land-based predecessors. Brick and mortar casinos have been used for ages, and the term “casino” itself is believed to originate from the 14th century.

Of course, games of chance existed way before the official appearance of the word casino, and many ancient civilizations have practiced different kinds of games to keep themselves entertained. Our instincts and physical reactions are still the same, and we feel pleasant stimulation when the rush of adrenaline causes our minds to react. Admittedly, this impulse needs to be kept under control since gambling can also turn into a dangerous activity, and it is well-known that gambling addiction is one severe problem for the individual and for the people who surround the person in question.

Luckily, the majority of people are capable of handling the lure of money and risk, and they only visit casinos to have some fun and harmless excitement. Online casino games can offer a lot of enjoyable moments to anyone who visits a website that provides this type of entertainment, and there are several crucial advantages that online casinos have over land-based ones.

For example, the convenience of staying in your home and accessing the site is something that most people find crucial. Online gambling has made trips to distant locations obsolete, and now you can also save money on hotels and other kinds of accommodation that were once necessary when people wanted to spend an evening or a weekend at their favorite casino.

Another important reason that makes people like playing from home is the fact that gambling can be frowned upon in some social circles and some societies, and a lot of places completely ban organized gambling in the first place.

To avoid the stigma and the judgmental looks, people decide to use their computers as a window into a world of much more freedom and opportunity. Similarly, individuals who do not have the time to go to a brick and mortar casino are using their computers and mobile devices to quickly try their luck with their favorite game before getting back to work. Mobility is a factor that will play a significant role in the upcoming years, and it is already evident that the future of gambling will be located in our smartphones and tablets.

Online casinos can be accessed from almost any place, and you only need to have the Internet connection to be able to spin the reels of your favorite slots game or to play a hand of poker with your friends. The ability to connect with people you know and love is also a strong argument for online gambling since traditional casinos are not always close to everyone and distance makes personal meetings impossible in a lot of cases.

Now, with just a few clicks, you can see and hear your friends and family, and your game of blackjack can be much more enjoyable in their presence.

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Welcome To The World Of Online Casinos

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We all know that people need money today, and they will do almost everything to get it, even if it means that they may lose what they already have.

This maybe sounded funny and weird, but it is not. Gambling is something which has been popular since forever, and it is still an awful addiction today (an addiction to casinos, cards, and other gaming methods). This is why people have brought gambling to the Internet and enabled it to the gamblers.

Online casino is an online (virtual) version of a traditional casino which enables players (gamblers) to play these games and bet on them online (using the internet). Comparing to the regular (standard) casinos, these offer payback percents and odds which are a little higher in most cases. Some of them also claim much greater payback percents for games that include slot machines, and they publish the audits on their website.

The payout percent for the games such as blackjack and table games is established by the rules of each game. Online casino buys or rents its software from different companies. Some of the most popular ones are Playtech, Microgaming, CryptoLogic Inc (today it is Amaya), International Game Technology (IGT), Realtime Gaming and many others.
As you may assume, we can divide virtual casinos into two groups (we do it based on casinos’ interface), and those are web-based casinos and download-based casinos. Of course, you should know that some of them offer both these interfaces. Web-based online casino (also called flash casino) is the website where users can play these different games without downloading any software to the computer.

The games are mostly represented in the plug-ins such as Java, Macromedia Shockwave, and Flash, and they also require the support for the plug-ins. You should also know that some of these online casinos allow (enable) the play of these games through an HTML. The games can’t be played on the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod since they don’t support the technology.
Download-based casinos are the casinos that require downloading the software to bet on and play the offered casino games. So, the software of an online casino needs to connect to its provider and handle the contact with no support of the browser. Download-based casinos run much faster than web-based casinos as the sound program, and the graphics do not have to be loaded directly from the internet. But, the installation and download of these casinos take time.
If your plan is to start gambling online, you must know something about the bonuses which are offered by online casinos. There is a welcome bonus, referral bonus, cash back bonus, no deposit bonus, etc. All these are available to new players so they can make the first deposit.

Now, if you want to see the list of the best online casino industries in Canada, here it is. The best are Jackpot City casino, RV, bet way casino, RIVER BELLE casino and so on.

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IPhone Pokies

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Pokies or Slot Machines are one of the most popular choices in casinos. People who dislike having to interact with other people can simply sit in front of the machine, relax, and play their own game.
That’s the beauty of it, whatever you do, it’s your choice, nobody else’s. Slot machines truly are amazing, but there’s only one aspect of it that doesn’t sit quite well with most people – where they are situated.

If the nearest ground casino is a few kilometers away and you don’t have a vehicle, there is a small chance that you will actually force yourself into going there. Furthermore, most casinos are filled with people who get angry quite frequently. If you dislike the smoke of a cigarette or having someone behind your back, watching and judging your every move then maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to something better.
This something better that we speak of is iPhone Pokies. By taking your phone and connecting it to the internet, you can achieve many things, amongst which is playing Pokies online unaffected by above-mentioned distractions.
iPhone can be used for two things when it comes to playing Pokies. You can either download your favorite slot machine game and play it offline for the fun of it or play it online with some money at stake.

Now, there are two different people. Those who like the games for what they are, and those who like the games because they can make some money on them.

If you fall into the latter category, here’s what you will have to do in order to get started.
First of all, you will have to find a right website for you. We recommend any of the following: Aladdin’s Gold, 888 Casino, Foxy Casino, Europa Casino. Once you do, create an account there and set up a payment method, add some money to your account, find the game you want to play and simply start playing it.
As long as you have internet access, you will be able to play them from wherever you want. There will never be a queue; you will always get the machine you want, any day of the week.

But hey, it’s gambling we’re talking here so make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you see a game you never played before, know that many websites offer free games and before you start gambling on said game, try it out for free. Learn all you can before you place a bet or you may regret it later.
One more piece of advice – make a schedule for your playing time. Many people get caught in the moment and spend more time or more money on the game than they previously anticipated, so in order to avoid this, make sure you create a plan and stick to it.

The optimal average time for most players is one and a half hours. Try that first and see how it goes for you, once you get a hang of it, you will probably know what’s best for you.

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History Of The Pokie Machine

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Pokies are a product of Australia, but they have a common ancestor with their closest relative, the slot machine developed in the United States of America. That ancestor is called the Liberty Bell, and it was a very basic game which quickly became an instant wonder.

Soon after, the technology was brought to the shores of Australia and, even though these machines were illegal at the time, they were very popular with gambling enthusiasts.

The first slot machine game developed and introduced in Australia came in 1953; it was designed by a company called Aristocrat, and its name was the Clubman, soon (in 1955) to be replaced by the Clubmaster. The designer of the game was Joe Heywood.

Soon enough, only one year later, the government of New South Wales decided to legalize this segment of the gaming business, namely the gaming machines but only in registered clubs. This decision truly revolutionized the business of gambling in Australia and, consequently, in the rest of the world. Slot machines became legal to play and enjoy. Very quickly, pokie machines became a hit with consumers, regardless of the fact that they were very simple, basic machines with limited options and features. Nowadays, machines are colorful and ornate, with many intricate designs, but back then, machines did not even have lights before the early 60’s.

The following couple of decades were a standstill. Not much happened in the world of slot machine gambling. All pokie machines were either one or three or five lines with three reels spinning. All the interactivity was limited to simply pulling the bar, waiting for the machine to stop spinning and watching the result.
We had to wait for another small revolution until the mid-80’s. The biggest breakthrough since the introduction of the game were the first video slots. This machine came off the production line and instantly drew the attention of many gamblers. The video pokies had not only five reels, but many more lines and offered additional features, besides the basic game.
Eventually, pokie machines made their way into pubs. This was allowed by the governments of several Australian states in the early 90’s. Today you will see rows upon rows of pokie machines in just about every casino in Australia.
Online pokies history starts in the early 90’s, when the first Internet casinos were established and brought a new, soon to be widespread trend in the way of playing pokies. Online casinos have been with us for the past 20 years now, but Australian style pokies have been introduced to the online community in 2004 when the software company Microgaming developed and released the title Thunderstruck. This way, a new trend was started, and Australian pokies began to take over the Australian and the world market of online gambling. The next logical step for expansion was the mobile market. With the appearance of smart phones and tablets, pokies were quickly transferred to these platforms as well.

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Best Casino Games

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Do you like gambling? We are not talking about risky moves that you make during your lifetime regarding work, business deals and life itself. We are talking about actual gambling, playing games that you can find in a casino like roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines. If you like to test your luck and earn some money out of it, you probably know that now you don’t need to go to a casino to do this. You can play all these games on a phone or a computer online. All you need to do is download the app or visit their site,and after you register your account, you are ready to play!

Online Roulette.

Roulette is a game known for its simplicity. The rules are simple. Players bet on a certain color, black or red, or on a specific color.

Classic roulette has 37 pockets (black or red colored fields) or 38 in American versions. Once the dealer spins the roulette, they also release the ball that jumps around on roulette until it loses the momentum and falls on a certain field. The best thing about roulette is that there is always a fifty-fifty chance to win. The ball can either fall on the black or red field.Alternatively, you can choose a number with a specific color to bet on. This will drastically reduce your chances for a win, but if you get it right, you will get a serious amount of money. Players that are new to casino games often start by playing roulette as it is easy to play and doesn’t require too much thinking.

Online Blackjack.

This game is a bit more sophisticated that the rest in the casino. If you want to make money in the online casino playing blackjack, you will have to know all there is to know about playing it including rules.

Rules are basically simple. The dealer passes the cards to the player while adding one to himself as well. The goal is to make a deck by adding cards as close as you can to total of 21. If you go over 21, you lose. Every card has a number on it and ass you add cards to your deck you increase the sum of your deck’s total.

Know the rules.

The same rules apply in an online game of blackjack. Dealers deal the cards, and it’s up to you to know when the dealer has less than you in his deck. There are a couple of techniques here worth mentioning one of which is counting cards in the deck.

Every deck of cards has a specific number of cards, and by the simple process of elimination, you can calculate your chances of winning. This is advanced technique recommended only for professional players that can calculate as the game progresses. A new player should avoid taking this strategy into consideration and stick to the basic type of play.

Now you can start your gambling career online and become a top player in no time. It’s all about how you play and when you play.

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The Best Pokies And Casinos For Android Users

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If you prefer the Android platform and like the casinos, you have come to the right place. With the popularity of casino apps being on the constant rise, there are always new pokies being released and developed. Big time players like Zynga and Aristocrat released dozens of games only this year only, and they inspired a lot of smaller developers to do the same.

For us, this means a versatile market with a lot to choose from. Single games in a detailed pack or a bundle of casino games, pokies, simulations, wheels and much more. But, which ones are the best ones, giving the most fun and the best conditions for playing?

Jackpot City for Android

As one of the oldest in the business, it is only natural for Jackpot City to be one of the most popular ones as well. There is nothing derogative you can say about this app! There are over 50 different games included in this casino, all looking fantastic since we are talking about an app with such a long lasting and positive reputation. JC is sure to give you a lot of hours of fun and entertainment offering many casino games such as Black Jack or Roulette but also classic Android pokies like Avalon and Thunderstruck.

Spin Place Casino HD

Incredibly popular in Australia, this is one of the biggest names there! Powered by the incredible Microgame software, the experience of using the Spin Place Casino is something a casino games lover should never miss on. Inside of this casino, you will be able to choose from over 20 different sets, all premium looking, with the HD resolution and the graphic standards at their highest.

You will be given a chance to play the most famous casino games as well as the traditional Australian slot machine games and pokies.

Royal Vegas Android

Android version of the Royal Vegas is a fantastic chance for the Android pokies lovers to enjoy the global success of this app. Working almost anywhere in the world, for the past seven years, RV has been the first choice for the millions of people worldwide.

They will offer you over 60 different games, including the popular pokies like Tomb Raider and Avalon as well as some of the classic table and slot games.

All Slots for Android
Existing for over 15 years, the people over at All Slots have honed their skills. Arguably, there is no one better at making online pokies than them. Since they got into the mobile industry in 2008. they only proved their worth, making some of the best-looking pokies you will see anywhere.

The experience playing the AS games is always engaging and compliant with the highest industry standards which is one of the reasons for the people to come back to them. They are also one of the safest platforms to play on, a fact that is sure to get even more players into choosing them.

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